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17 February 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Brainstorming: Battle o the Sexes  
Hey gang!

So...it is still technically Wednesday where I am and I thought it would be really nifty to talk about something that seems to have recurred today.  But, before that, I'm thinking for any new people...I'm going to repost the mentor/mentee apps in March and let it go from there.  I appreciate all your input considering I had never made one before.  You're all very helpful and special to me!  =)

Anywho, so I was at the library (btw, I hope they never get rid of libraries and books, for real) and I checked out a couple psych/soc books and a couple of dvds, which is pretty normal for me.  

One the books that I got was "Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget".  It was sort of this gender specific medicine/brain chemistry book.  Not the most earth-shattering revelations or anything but it didn't adequately discuss someone like me, who has responses that are genuinly classified as more feminine but are gradually achieve a masculine lilt.

Then on Dr. Phil, who is seriously one bad sweater away from being early Oprah 80s style talk show, there was a discussion of men, women, money, and marriage with people like Jon Lovits and Mark Walberg (not the rapper, the other one...I think he hosts Survivor or something...)

So, I thought I would use that as a theme.  What do you think?  Are men and women really from different planets?  Are we that incompatible?  As a gay man, where do  I fit in?
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