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27 February 2010 @ 09:09 am
Recommendations: Saturday  
Hey Nookiers!  I'm gonna be offline this next week, but I'll be here in spirit.  xD

I did want to do a couple of reccs for you since I haven't in awhile.

The first is one that a friend recently revamped and rereleased.  From last August, I first read her Star Trek Reboot Kirk d/s and found her take on Kirk needing punishment very interesting.  After reading a couple of male psychology books (boy howdy, I'm a riot at parties), it really confirmed the things that could have been going through Kirk's head subconsciously.

This story is not that story, this one is cuter and safer and probably just as much worth the risk for the sweet Kirk/McCoy.  But I swear that d/s is around there somewhere....*shakes fist at links list*  I'm also pretty sure this is by the same author.  If It's not, I apologize, these usernames start to bleed into each other after awhile.

Anywho, here is "You Will Have to Build from What Remains".  http://acetonitrile.livejournal.com/8714.html

So, you can link here to read that.

Also, cedarwolfsinger was the first person to respond to one of my brainstormers and so I just wanted to give you and some of your awesome fic a shout out!  Go and visit the lj and be amazed!  =)

I miss ya'all already.
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Jacqueslacombe on April 26th, 2010 08:49 pm (UTC)
::: waves :::

Hey, Le Tigre! Please remember to link to the Flame from your community profile! <3