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03 February 2010 @ 08:03 pm
Brainstorming: Castles in the Sky  
Have you heard about this?  On the one hand, I think this guy is awesome.  On the other hand, the way he went about doing it was probably not the best.  He probably could have holed up in the castle.  I mean, thats why you build those sort of things right?  Well, before I go off-topic again, here is the article:


I totally happen to sympathize with the guy.  I think what he did was nuts (in a beautiful sort of way) and I would love enough of an area and knowledge to do that sort of thing.  True, there are lots of disadvantages and I'm sure you would get weird looks from your neighbours, but imagine the holidays in a truly stone hewn castle!

We each have castles of our own on the inside as well.  I mean, if you look at my singing or writing, there will always be people building me up and tearing me down.  There's an old Bible verse that says that people build their castles on sand and it feels that way for a long time.

So, in that case:

What Do You Consider to Be Your Castle in the Sand?
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