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31 January 2010 @ 08:51 pm
Recommendations: Saturday  
Hey folks!  I know, I know.  But it is still the weekend and I should get some points for that, right?

Today's story recommendation comes from one of my less often fandoms.  I've always been a fan of Nick Stokes from the original CSI: Las Vegas, except for the new season where he seems incredibly angry and snippy at crime scenes.  To work past this issue, I want to recommend one of my favorite multi-chapter Nick/Greg stories, known as

Into This World We're Thrown by Aebhel

From the now permanently on maintenance hiatus website "What Makes the Desert Beautiful", we get a story about learning to love someone else in pain.  Greg is kidnapped, Nick has lots of revelations and nothing seems to work out perfectly for anyone at first.  Give the story a try and I assure you that you'll enjoy it!


And for the comment, since I'm currently re-editing all my old fanfic and moving the copies over to my moonfruit site, I've been looking through some of my old reviews.  A new, dear friend called spellspinner and I met during my early Torchwood period.  I believe I'm truly one of the best OC authors out there and this comment on the story One Dangerous Gentleman, proves it in my mind.

Now THAT is what I call a riviting storyline... the BBC should pay you for this one... I like lots.  You have a nice (if not dark) mix of suspense, horror and gore... and now Demons... Yay... joy and joyness.  It reads well you have a good sense of character awareness and your grammar is more or less impeccable. Well done and Kudos to you on a grand story...  Blessed Be,  "spellspinner"

Are there are any stories/comments/critiques that you would like to see here or you just want to say hi?  Feel free to leave a comment!
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