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27 February 2010 @ 09:09 am
Hey Nookiers!  I'm gonna be offline this next week, but I'll be here in spirit.  xD

I did want to do a couple of reccs for you since I haven't in awhile.

The first is one that a friend recently revamped and rereleased.  From last August, I first read her Star Trek Reboot Kirk d/s and found her take on Kirk needing punishment very interesting.  After reading a couple of male psychology books (boy howdy, I'm a riot at parties), it really confirmed the things that could have been going through Kirk's head subconsciously.

This story is not that story, this one is cuter and safer and probably just as much worth the risk for the sweet Kirk/McCoy.  But I swear that d/s is around there somewhere....*shakes fist at links list*  I'm also pretty sure this is by the same author.  If It's not, I apologize, these usernames start to bleed into each other after awhile.

Anywho, here is "You Will Have to Build from What Remains".  http://acetonitrile.livejournal.com/8714.html

So, you can link here to read that.

Also, cedarwolfsinger was the first person to respond to one of my brainstormers and so I just wanted to give you and some of your awesome fic a shout out!  Go and visit the lj and be amazed!  =)

I miss ya'all already.
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24 February 2010 @ 02:02 pm
For a long time when I was a kid, I was convinced I was gonna be an architect.  I especially loved roaming the Indianapolis Public Library.  The rooms were huge, the ceilings were high, and there was a pair of black marble lions that roared outside to ward off evil visitors.

Well, when I hit high school, I found that I didn't have the proficiency to draft, let alone to be an architect.  It was quite a blow to my self esteem, but I accepted it as a limitation.  Nothing sticks out in my mind more the juxtaposition between gracefully leaving drafting class versus calling out to interview possible businesses and being told by an interior designer that "he would never choose this job again and hopes no one ever would."  That was frightening for me.

Another choice I made that comes to mind was when a professor in college called me to his office to review the English entrance test I'd done.  When I went to schedule my appointment, the secretary spoke of him with such stars in her eyes and I realized that even if I were to get there, I didn't want to do it because of him.  I made a rash judgment that may have changed my future for better or worse.

I think our lives are made up of decisions like this and, for the most part, we are blissfully unaware or ignorant of what these decisions truly affect.  So, having that said that....

What decisions have you made that have affected your life the most?
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17 February 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Hey gang!

So...it is still technically Wednesday where I am and I thought it would be really nifty to talk about something that seems to have recurred today.  But, before that, I'm thinking for any new people...I'm going to repost the mentor/mentee apps in March and let it go from there.  I appreciate all your input considering I had never made one before.  You're all very helpful and special to me!  =)

Anywho, so I was at the library (btw, I hope they never get rid of libraries and books, for real) and I checked out a couple psych/soc books and a couple of dvds, which is pretty normal for me.  

One the books that I got was "Why Men Never Remember and Women Never Forget".  It was sort of this gender specific medicine/brain chemistry book.  Not the most earth-shattering revelations or anything but it didn't adequately discuss someone like me, who has responses that are genuinly classified as more feminine but are gradually achieve a masculine lilt.

Then on Dr. Phil, who is seriously one bad sweater away from being early Oprah 80s style talk show, there was a discussion of men, women, money, and marriage with people like Jon Lovits and Mark Walberg (not the rapper, the other one...I think he hosts Survivor or something...)

So, I thought I would use that as a theme.  What do you think?  Are men and women really from different planets?  Are we that incompatible?  As a gay man, where do  I fit in?
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10 February 2010 @ 08:50 pm
Happy Wednesday!

I've been noticing a definite trend in some of my recent prompts.  Over the past few months, I've done quite a few cliches and proverbs.  Some of them, I was asked to give them a new spin on their ending and some of them I was asked to rework altogether.

Example: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

The prompt was: A rolling stone gathers no ____.

That forces my mind to think about what a rolling stone wouldn't gather.

Birds?  Possibly.  Starfish?  Absolutely.  Renage black diamond skiers?  That would be fun to right.

Example 2: Birds of a feather flock together.

Take out flock together and what could birds of a feather do?

They might sing or knit or fly into the sun and cook eggs.  Lots of strange possibilities there.

This week, at taming the muse, our prompt is Idle Hands are the Devil's Joy, which sounds like the really familiar proverb: Idle Hands are the Devil's Playground.    Out of character this week, I wrote a really sweet family piece for that one.

So, here's your challenge.  Take one of your favorite cliches/proverbs/homespun wisdom and retune it into something silly.  Channel Mad Libs if you'd like. 

See you on Saturday!
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03 February 2010 @ 08:03 pm
Have you heard about this?  On the one hand, I think this guy is awesome.  On the other hand, the way he went about doing it was probably not the best.  He probably could have holed up in the castle.  I mean, thats why you build those sort of things right?  Well, before I go off-topic again, here is the article:


I totally happen to sympathize with the guy.  I think what he did was nuts (in a beautiful sort of way) and I would love enough of an area and knowledge to do that sort of thing.  True, there are lots of disadvantages and I'm sure you would get weird looks from your neighbours, but imagine the holidays in a truly stone hewn castle!

We each have castles of our own on the inside as well.  I mean, if you look at my singing or writing, there will always be people building me up and tearing me down.  There's an old Bible verse that says that people build their castles on sand and it feels that way for a long time.

So, in that case:

What Do You Consider to Be Your Castle in the Sand?
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31 January 2010 @ 08:51 pm
Hey folks!  I know, I know.  But it is still the weekend and I should get some points for that, right?

Today's story recommendation comes from one of my less often fandoms.  I've always been a fan of Nick Stokes from the original CSI: Las Vegas, except for the new season where he seems incredibly angry and snippy at crime scenes.  To work past this issue, I want to recommend one of my favorite multi-chapter Nick/Greg stories, known as

Into This World We're Thrown by Aebhel

From the now permanently on maintenance hiatus website "What Makes the Desert Beautiful", we get a story about learning to love someone else in pain.  Greg is kidnapped, Nick has lots of revelations and nothing seems to work out perfectly for anyone at first.  Give the story a try and I assure you that you'll enjoy it!


And for the comment, since I'm currently re-editing all my old fanfic and moving the copies over to my moonfruit site, I've been looking through some of my old reviews.  A new, dear friend called spellspinner and I met during my early Torchwood period.  I believe I'm truly one of the best OC authors out there and this comment on the story One Dangerous Gentleman, proves it in my mind.

Now THAT is what I call a riviting storyline... the BBC should pay you for this one... I like lots.  You have a nice (if not dark) mix of suspense, horror and gore... and now Demons... Yay... joy and joyness.  It reads well you have a good sense of character awareness and your grammar is more or less impeccable. Well done and Kudos to you on a grand story...  Blessed Be,  "spellspinner"

Are there are any stories/comments/critiques that you would like to see here or you just want to say hi?  Feel free to leave a comment!
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28 January 2010 @ 11:12 pm
I'm sorry that I didn't post yesterday.  I was preoccupied with the most important State of the Union since maybe the 2nd one given by Clinton.  I have mixed feelings about how it went, but at least DADT was acknowledged.  Thats a start, even if its like a Kit-Kat bar and you're only left wanting more.

Anyways, we've also lost two literary figures this week: the historian Howard Zimmer and odd-duck/hermit writer JD Salinger.  No matter how you feel about their works, (I am in the do not like "Catcher of the Rye" camp) they both changed the way we look at literature.  When a figure like Ayn Rand comments about you, you know something has happened with your writing.

Now, personally, I would never vote for either Howard or JD for president.  I think their views were too extreme and the last time we put someone with extreme views in office, nothing got done (Hi Pres. Carter!)  It's all well and good to have a devoted base, but if you alienate yourself from others then no work can get one.

Well, in honor of all these presidential thoughts, I joined the fandom_for_president community here on livejournal, where a variety of fandoms are represented and looking for a fandom president.  This first round, you only get fifteen votes and signficant figures such as Jack Bauer, Gregory House, Willow Rosenberg, Dr. Horrible, and Elephaba Thropp are all up to become fandom president. 

However, even those that admire are on the list.
Angel (the vampire) is not on the list.
Scotty, Guinan, and Captain Janeway from Star Trek is not on the list.
Dorothy Szbornak (the smart Golden Girl) is not on the list.
Neither is Glinda or NessaRose from Wicked.
Also missing are two of my favorite literary characters: Scarlett and Rhett from Gone With the Wind
I would have also liked to have seen a nod to Meryl Streep as Julia Child.

With all those choices, a few people are bound to be left out.

So, my question is, who would you like to see as fandom president?

*If you're new around these parts, feel free to leave a note for me in the comments so I can say hi!*
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23 January 2010 @ 04:10 pm
Hey folks, its Saturday.  Hope most of you guys are having a pleasant day off.  How's your new mentor or new mentee working out for you?  Feedback and new members are always appreciated.

For this week's comment, I bring you an offering from my other fandom: Oz. I wanted to give you a taste of the type of cliffhanger I can comfortably leave.

The story I wrote for Beecher and Keller AU is a nod to the film noir genre (kind of in the same way that Bullet Tracer, one of Calvin's alter egos is).  I took the song, Kissing a Fool by Michael Buble, and wrapped the story around it.  For the record, I'm not sure if I'm going to make a sequel, but here was a fanfiction.net review to the story.

Xmaster: "I loved this story from beginning to end, my only hope is that it is not, in fact, the end, and that you upload another chapter or two because you can't just end it there! Anyway, the format of this story really does it justice, and makes it even more intriguing to read. I like the AU also, it's still interesting and the characters are still recognisable."

By contrast, the recommended story today is not my own.  The recommended story is one that I helped beta recently for one of my favorite writers here on livejournal.  I met lit_gal on tamingthemuse and I simply loved her take on Xander from BtVS.

Now, I have never been a fan of the Sentinel (which is surprising, considering my social sciences background).  I didn't watch it, don't know the characters but when she took a plot of her sentinel fanfic and made new characters, I totally knew I wanted to be involved.

Well, Dreamspinner has accepted "Of Shamans and Warriors" to be published and I got in on the dedication, which is super honoring for me.  So, go to the journal and check out her link to it!

Please remember that these saturday recommendations aren't just for me alone.  Have a good review or beta moment?  Have a story you love?  Feel free to comment and it might be next week's entry!
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20 January 2010 @ 09:06 pm
First, a video to rev your memory:

Why does this come up? Because a friend and I were talking about it today. For the past year, we have had this trio of guys dress up as the Ghostbusters. The costume, of course, has limited use. You can only get so much out of it.

You can use it at ComicCon, and it does apply to Crypticon (the horror movie convention), and its even somewhat applicable to the Zombie Walk for the Guinnness Record. That being said, these guys should not have won awards at each event for their costumes.

1) Its not that original a costume
2) The people that travel in ComicCon and Crypticon circles are pretty similar in some ways
3) They didn't even have a Slimer.

A lot of people were peeved about them winning at Crypticon. The woman that should have won was apparently playing a Medusa role with animatronic snakes and all.

So...the question that arises then is...have you ever been beaten out for something you thought you deserved to win?
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13 January 2010 @ 03:47 pm
The unprecedented tragedy in Haiti is awful.  I can't do anything for it monetarily, but I am offering fandom fic in the Words sections.  I'm under the fourth page of comments.  If you find someone who fits your needs more, please bid on them.  The important thing is that the money gets there.  Bidding closes on the 20th.

help_haiti help_haiti help_haiti 

Fandom specific link: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/1823.html